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SNEAK PEEK: Safe All Along by Katie Davis Majors

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As our outward circumstances become less stable, less peaceful, and less certain, our anxiety and stress can feel overwhelming. In this beautiful exploration of God’s faithfulness, Katie Davis Majors reminds us that we serve a God who promises—no matter what—an inner peace that transcends all understanding.


Do your days blur together, leaving you to wonder if you’re really making progress on what matters most? Tim Tebow’s new Mission Possible One-Year Devotional cuts through the clutter with 365 targeted readings. Each day is fueled with timeless truths to keep you focused as you achieve the seemingly impossible. Watch the book trailer today!

SNEAK PEEK: Don’t Hold Back by David Platt

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Christians have traded the biblical gospel that exalts Jesus above everything in this world for an American gospel that worships the comfort, power, and prosperity of this world. In Don’t Hold Back, pastor and bestselling author David Platt reveals how we can instead experience the awe-filled wonder of Jesus and the otherworldly beauty of the church now.

SNEAK PEEK: Please, Sorry, Thanks by Mark Batterson

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In the realm of medicine, a magic bullet is the antidote to seemingly unsolvable problems. New York Times bestselling author and pastor Mark Batterson believes three forgotten words hold similar power. His new book—Please, Sorry, Thanks—shows how to change your life by changing your words.