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WHISPER by Mark Batterson – Small Group Discussion Questions (PDF)

Mark Batterson - WHISPER - Small Group QuestionsThe voice that spoke the cosmos into existence is the same voice that parted the Red sea, and made the sun stand still in the midday sky. One day, this voice will make all things new, but it’s also speaking to you now!

Download this free reflection and discussion guide, which is perfect for small group or individual study.

You’ll find more resources, including sermon notes, downloads, graphics, and more, at

(UN)QUALIFIED Participant’s & Leader’s Guides (samples)

Are you looking to lead an (UN)Qualified Bible Study or take your small group or youth group through the book? The team at Elevation Church has put together a participant’s guide and a leader’s guide that will help you lead group discussion while also making your time deep and meaningful.

Download a sample from the  (UN)Qualified Leader’s Guide

Download a sample from the (UN)Qualified Participants Guide


SNEAK PEEK: Ask It by Andy Stanley

You’ll Never Make a Decision the Same Way Again

Click here to download chapter one of Ask It.

Should I take this job? Buy this house? Marry this person?  We ask questions every day about the choices we face. But are we asking the most important question of all? In Ask It, Andy Stanley identifies the one question that makes it easy to determine the answer to all other questions. You’ll learn how to make decisions with confidence simply by applying the question that brings clarity to life’s most challenging decisions.

Click here to download chapter one of Ask It.

SPOTLIGHT: Soar by Kenny Luck

Discover the thrilling freedom of living in God’s power

Click here to download chapter one of Soar.

Soar teaches men how to disengage from the destructive forces of self-sufficiency and instead trust in the power of the Holy Spirit so they can experience gravity-defying freedom and a richer life in Christ.

Click here to download chapter one of Soar.


Download the discussion guide for Start Here.

One of the great things God is doing through the Rebelution is uniting young people to do hard things together. So as you start (or continue) doing hard things, get together with friends and talk about what it looks like to do hard things right where God has placed you.  Use these questions from the book START HERE as a jumping off point.

SNEAK PEEK: Every Woman’s Marriage

Click Here to download the first chapter of Every Woman’s Marriage

Are you a “desperate housewife,” committed to marriage yet longing for a deeper, more intimate connection with your husband? Believe it or not, you can have the marriage you long for–if you’re willing to take desperate measures. If you’re ready to stop the blame game and pursue the marriage of your dreams, let authors Shannon and Greg Ethridge show you how to reignite your relationship with spiritual, emotional, and physical passion.

Click Here to download the first chapter of Every Woman’s Marriage