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SNEAK PEEK: An Absence So Great, A Novel

Download and read the first chapter of An Absence So Great here!

At the turn of the century, eighteen-year-old Jessie Ann Gaebele has moved to Milwaukee in search of a fresh start. Though inspired by a new opportunity to operate photography studios for those who have fallen ill to mercury poisoning, a piece of her past she’s trying hard to forget makes its way into the foreground of her life.

An Absence So [ … ]

SNEAK PEEK: A Measure of Grace by Al and Joanna Lacy

How three young people’s paths entwine — and how God meets each deep need with sufficient grace — make this riveting story both vastly entertaining and faith-inspiring.

Click here to download the first chapter of A Measure of Grace

 Romance and revenge, hot tempers, and cold feet frame a gripping story set in rural Elkton, Idaho, in the 1860s.

Click here to download the first chapter of A Measure of Grace



Read the first chapter of Here Burns My Candle.

Emotionally charged. Historically detailed. Vividly told.

Experience the timeless story of Naomi and Ruth, stretched across the rich tapestry of eighteenth-century Scotland. In this moving saga, two women with little in common beyond their shared family name are forced to depend on each other when tragedy strikes. Yet even as darkness falls, a flicker of hope still burns in their hearts.