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About Chasing God's Glory

A unique and delightful children’s book about how God’s glory can be found all around us every day, from the award-winning author of Cora Cooks Pancit.

“Mama, what exactly is glory?”

When Zayla asks her mom to describe God’s glory, Mama knows it’s time for an adventure! Together, Mama and Zayla discover how sunrises and dancing, daffodils and green peppers, kind words and loving hugs—and more!—are all reminders of God’s glory.

Award-winning author Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young’s rich multicultural story and Alyssa De Asis’s vibrant artwork make Chasing God’s Glory a unique invitation to notice and celebrate the radiance of God’s light and love as you and your family become “glory chasers.”


“Bright, lively illustrations capture the glory of God’s amazing world through the eyes of an inquisitive girl and her insightful mother.”—The Banner

About Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young

Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young is a writer, speaker, teacher, and former journalist. As the founder of the Widow Mama Collective grief support group on Facebook, she is passionate about helping people navigate grief and discover God’s glory on life’s unexpected trails. Her previous books include the award-winning children’s book Cora Cooks Pancit, Chasing God’s Glory, Walk Run Soar, and Create in Me a Heart of Mercy.

Dorina enjoys meeting God as she runs trails through mountains or near the ocean. She and her husband, Shawn, are raising three daughters in central California.

Product Details

40 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Apr 11, 2023

Trim Size: 8-1/2 x 8-1/2

Carton Quantity: 48

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When Zayla asks her mom to describe God’s glory, Mama knows it’s time for an adventure! Together Mama and Zayla discover how sunrises and dancing, green peppers and daffodils, kind words and loving hugs are all reminders of God’s glory around us every day.

Press Release

Contact: Elizabeth Groening, Publicity & Marketing Assistant

By Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young; Illustrated by Alyssa De Asis
A WaterBrook Hardcover| On Sale April 11, 2023

Chasing God’s Glory: A Rich Picture Book Inspires Curiosity and Adventure

What is glory? What does it look like? And how can I ‘give God the glory' like the song says?
Chasing God’s Glory (WaterBrook, 4/11/23) by Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young strives to answer these three questions for young children who, like the main character Zayla, want to understand the word often sung by their parents and pastors to praise the Lord. In this delightfully positive picture book, Zayla follows her mom on a quest to acknowledge and experience God’s glory in their everyday life.
Throughout their spontaneous bicycle hunt for glory, the endearing mother-daughter duo come across a sorbet sunset, a breathtaking mural of Dr. Martin Luther King, mouth-watering empanadas, a couple holding hands, fuzzy little ducklings in a sparkling pond. Taking the time to recognize the striking beauty of God’s creations leads Zayla to realize she can experience God’s glory in a multitude of ways.
With Gilmore-Young’s powerful writing and whimsicalillustrations by Alyssa De Asis, Chasing God’s Glory shows young readers the adventures that can come from asking questions. Zayla’s curiosity takes her on an unforgettable journey, ultimately leading her tolearnthat she can be a glory chaser in every moment of her life. This emotional realization brings Zayla and her mom even closer, further illustrating the good that can come from “chasing glory” daily.
Ideal for children ages 3-7, the strong mother-daughter bond and positive message portrayed in this picture book will make a feel-good favorite to pick up all year long.
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With a Master of Fine Arts in children’s literature and a passion for multiculturalism, Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young is a writer, speaker, former news reporter, and foodie. Her children’s book Cora Cooks Pancit received the Picture Book of the Year Award from the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association. Dorina is a self-proclaimed “glory chaser” who meets God as she runs trails through the mountains, forest, or near the ocean. Dorina and her husband, Shawn, are raising three daughters in central California. 


Alyssa De Asis is a designer and illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. As well as drawing, she loves photography, travel, and discovering new cultures. Alyssa has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in visual design and communication from the St. Scholastica’s College in Manila.

Juvenile Fiction - Religious - Christian - Inspirational
April 11, 2023 / ISBN: 9780593577776 · Hardcover · $12.99/$17.99 Canada
e-Book ISBN: 9780593577783 · $7.99/$10.99 Canada
Suggested Interview Questions for Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young
1. Please describe the personal experience that inspired you to write Chasing God’s Glory.
2. Why is it so important for young children to understand what glory is and how to recognize it?
3. As a self-proclaimed “glory chaser,” how do you actively seek out God’s glory and praise Him?
4. What advice do you give to parents who want their children to ask more questions and learn more about God?
5.  Can you talk about writing the intentionally multiracial family in this book, as well as details about their culture and food?
6. What message are you most excited for young readers take away from Chasing God’s Glory?

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