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Sneak Peek: REMEMBER ME NOW by Faitth Brooks

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Breaking free from burdens and expectations that harm Black women is crucial to reclaiming your voice, your health, and your future. This transformational book shows how you can take a stand and claim more for Black women—including more self-love, more self-advocacy, and more self-belief—starting with yourself.

Sneak Peek: AWAKEN A BETTER YOU by B.J. Thompson

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Born to a teenage mother on the gang-permeated streets of Dallas, BJ Thompson understood the feeling of facing impossible odds. His future seemed hopeless until, one day, he decided to stop allowing life to just happen. Awaken a Better You reveals how anyone can build a better life…starting where they are.


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Do your days blur together, leaving you to wonder if you’re really making progress on what matters most? Tim Tebow’s new Mission Possible One-Year Devotional cuts through the clutter with 365 targeted readings. Each day is fueled with timeless truths to keep you focused as you achieve the seemingly impossible.