The Next Christians

Seven Ways You Can Live the Gospel and Restore the World

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The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons

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The Power of ‘Ought’

To most of us in the room, that seemed impossible. But Max saw the world differently. And that day, with a moral authority few can claim, he said something profound that crystallizes the restoration theme we’ve seen in the next Christians

“We must recognize the power of the ‘ought.’ It’s the power to change the world! We can’t just see the world in terms of how it is today, or we will always feel defeated,” he said passionately. “But when we see the world in terms of how things ought to be, we can dream for the impossible— and work to see it become reality.”

Excerpted from The Next Christians  by Gabe Lyons

Daily Reflection:I n what ways do you see the world as it is, not as it “ought to be”?

Answering the Call

For you, the call is literally within your grasp. It’s the place you show up each day and the problems you encounter in the process. Possibly for you, it’s putting a dent in the never- ending cycle of poverty that destroys so many lives, neighborhoods, and nations. Or creatively addressing the malnutrition, poor health, and disease that’s wrecking so many families. Or tutoring, mentoring, and fostering fatherless children. Perhaps the addiction to drugs, alcohol, career advancement, affluence, or pornography is what enslaves and torments your friends the most. What ever it is that’s broken, whatever you see wrong, remember— God’s intention and method of restoration is to use you to bring his redeeming love to the world.
This is the “power of the ought” at work— the way restoration living begins to flood and transform our entire cosmos. It represents Christ’s power to change the world.

Excerpted from Next Christians by Gabe Lyons

Daily Reflection:
Where do you think God is calling you to serve? What ways can you bring restoration to your community?

The Way Things Ought To Be

The bottom line is that the Christian has a calling and a responsibility to think, work, and live in terms of how the world ought to be in contrast to reacting to how it really is. Christians who engage the world—like the many stories I’ve shared and the many more I could have—are consumed by this “way things ought to be” mind-set. They eat, drink, and breathe restoration. They see injustice and fight it. When confronted with evil they turn it for good. They are motivated to bring the love of Christ into every broken system they encounter. Instead of being cynical and hopeless, they bring optimism and expectation. For them, the entire world has been flipped on its head. Their focus has moved from self to others; from problems to solutions; from failure to redemption; from brokenness to restoration. They recognize the broken, weak, fallen, and corrupt but can’t leave them in that condition—they are moved to change things. The next Christians are offering a new way forward—a way to act, live, and bring others along with them into the new reality of how things ought to be.

Excerpted from The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons

Daily Reflection:
What action can you take in order to begin to live according to the way things ought to be?

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SNEAK PEEK: The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons


Click here to download the first chapter of The Next Christians now.

Gabe Lyons is optimistic that Christianity’s best days are yet to come. His best-selling book, UnChristian, revealed the pervasiveness of culture’s growing disregard for Christians. Now, in The Next Christians, Lyons shows how a new wave of believers are turning the tide by bringing the truth of the Gospel to bear on our changing, secular society.

Click here to download the first chapter of The Next Christians now.

NEWS: Chuck Colson Recommends Gabe Lyons’ Next Christians

Chuck Colson, host of the daily radio commentary "Break Point"and founder of Prison Fellowship, recommended Gabe Lyons' book The Next Christians on his show, saying "Gabe Lyons is one of today’s truly promising young evangelical leaders...I appreciate Gabe’s fidelity to Scripture and his focus on the fundamental truths of Christianity. But what’s really exciting is how he’s applying the Truth in new ways, ways that really speak to young people."  Read the transcribed show or listen to the broadcast here

Hear the story of how Gabe and his wife responded to their son's Down syndrome diagnosis in a creative, life-affirming way.  "It was just using my gifts in storytelling and photography," says Lyons, "But this is what Christians have to do everywhere. They show up to counter the corruption overflowing in our world and not just talking about how bad it is, but saying, let’s be a part of displaying for people what the Kingdom of God might look like when it shows up."

Read an excerpt from The Next Christians on Scribd here

Trade paper edition releasing from Multnomah Books in March 2012.


NEWS: Gabe Lyons in USA Today

Gabe Lyons, author of The Next Christians, was interviewed in an article in USA Today profiling his organization, Q, and the upcoming generation of evangelicals.  The article appeared in the print magazine on June 27th, 2011.

Read the article "Can Cause of Social Justice Tame Our Culture Wars?" here.

Read more about The Next Christians here.

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