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Answering the Call

For you, the call is literally within your grasp. It’s the place you show up each day and the problems you encounter in the process. Possibly for you, it’s putting a dent in the never- ending cycle of poverty that destroys so many lives, neighborhoods, and nations. Or creatively addressing the malnutrition, poor health, and disease that’s wrecking so many families. Or tutoring, mentoring, and fostering fatherless children. Perhaps the addiction to drugs, alcohol, career advancement, affluence, or pornography is what enslaves and torments your friends the most. What ever it is that’s broken, whatever you see wrong, remember— God’s intention and method of restoration is to use you to bring his redeeming love to the world.
This is the “power of the ought” at work— the way restoration living begins to flood and transform our entire cosmos. It represents Christ’s power to change the world.

Excerpted from Next Christians by Gabe Lyons

Daily Reflection:
Where do you think God is calling you to serve? What ways can you bring restoration to your community?

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