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What Is Your Hidden Gift?

Many of us shortchange ourselves when it comes to realizing our gifts and talents. We all received something of great value from God, and it is our duty and honor to share our gifts and talents with others. Obvious talents such as athletic, artistic, or musical ability; working with your hands; and leading others are often celebrated. We fail to recognize more subtle talents, such as having joyous spirit, offering the gift of hospitality, or being a great listener. Over the years, I have recognized the gift of encouragement that I have been given. This blessing was not realized right away but was revealed to me over time…we may have to do some soul searching and praying to find out what gifts our Lord has blessed us with.

Excerpted from Strength for the Moment by Lori Hogan

Daily Reflection:

Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? Do you feel your gifts are celebrated or well-used? How can you use your gifts today to serve the Lord and those around you?

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