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Washington Post Features Op-Ed by Kent Brantly

Kent Brantly, author of Called for Life (July 21, 2015) discusses the continued need for compassion and action in a Washington Post op-ed piece “Ebola still poses a serious threat” released on July 18. The piece examines the was the United States reacted to the Ebola outbreak in 2014 and the ongoing need for the U.S. to act out of compassion instead of fear. Based on his experience as both a doctor treating Ebola and an Ebola patient, Brantly calls the global community to reconsider how to respond to ongoing suffering around the world.

“We must decide what our response will be to this ongoing tragedy on the other side of the world. Will we allow fear to paralyze us, leaving the vulnerable to suffer alone? Will we settle into a sense of indifference, caring not what will come of our neighbors in need? Or will compassion win out, moving us to action — not simply for self-preservation and the prevention of global pandemics, but for the good of humanity, for the dignity of mankind and for the well-being of others?”

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