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  • This is an awesome video! Cannot wait to read the book. I think the revolution is coming slowly but surely. About time we started following Christ and not some made up “God”. How about we follow YHWH?

  • I teach Jr. High Youth and have some input with the High School youth also. I was very impressed with the promo copy and am considering ordering the book. I would love to discuss some of the info in it with the kids and get their reactions and feedback. Often kids see the truth much more clearly than adults!Haven’t seen the video.

  • I became a Christian through the Jesus movement. We all believed this in the beginning. How is it that over the years so many of us have morphed into putting other things before the Kingdom of God? Thank you for saying it so clearly. It is hard to live a simple life in a church caught up in materialism. God help us to repent.

  • I thought “sun stand still” was an inspiring book encouraging us to
    Live depending by faith on God’s complete support if we are actively involved in his work. I have but have not started “radical”. I’m about
    To complete ” signs of life” by Dr. David Jeremiah, a daily devotional,
    And will start “radical” soon.

    thanks, Rwh

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