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  • I completly understand the title of your book. That is the theme of my life. I too was there and “failed”. PRAISE GOD !!! I still suffer at times from depression, but I realize it is just a tempory season not a life style.

  • I loved this book, I read it in a day.

    It carries a profound message of hope and courage. It was a great reminder that we need to be careful not to be too quick to judge others, we really have no idea what is going on inside of another.

    I was blessed by this book. Thank-you.

  • Wow, Melissa! This Kristen’s life is a call to action. Thank you so much for telling us about Her book.
    I’m ready to call a few friends and family members to tell them “I love you, and so does Jesus.”
    Mrs. Sheri Hullinger

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