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  • Dear Joanna, I know exactly how people can feel when they say “God loves the world, but does he really love me?” I feel that so many times. I have struggled with my faith for many years. I have heard people say “God is so good to me and he seems to always answer my prayers.” I yearn to feel that way and have prayed about it so many times. My work place has such ungodly managers that do not treat their workers right. I say, when will God deal with them? My heart hurts so badly because not only do I feel that in my work area, but also life in general in the outside. I love the Lord and always seem to come back to him, no matter what. But I am weary right now. Thanks for listening to my comments. By the way, I love the bible study “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.” Norma

  • Wow….what a beautiful lady and a powerful message, I feel like I’ve known her for years…oh wait I have :)!
    Love ya Jo

  • I love the story how you encourage us
    We serve him we suffer but still we love him we surender

    thank you to make me stronger

    Bless to be blessed

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