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  • I will smile and be glad each day of my life for this is the life God has chosen for me to share… with my smile…

  • Smile is almost my heartbeat. It helps me communicate with the world better. It helps avoiding holding a grudge and fires up compassion and a heart for consolation and inspiration to another human being going through tough times. Thank You Lord for the gift of smile, through which I can extend your love throughout the world.

  • Very moving story. I sometimes forget that my life can count in ways as small as a smile…God Bless you Kim.

  • How powerful!!! This means everything to me…I always pray for my smile full of Jesus’ Love to reach the very person that needs to see it!!!

  • A smile is the simplest yet most profound of all physical characteristics… Just imagine if we all wore those smiles each day and how everyone would be lifted up.. we don’t know what is going on in each individual we meet.. but God does… Give us the grace, Lord, to be a shining light in this world…

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