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  • this book sounds wonderful and encouraging! would love to read this!
    thanks for sharing!

  • Cindy, I have read several of your books and loved each of them. I met you when you came to our church here in Madison, Al. I am looking forward to reading Plain Wisdom.

    Love in Christ

    Shirley Williams

  • Growing up among the Amish in Lancaster county Pa. I too had friends who were Amish. I am excited to read this book as an older mom with teens and grown sons.

    I love that you two were able to come together and share like this. We can see the differences everyday, but it’s not often that we think of the things that are the same through our Loving God.

    Thank you both for this book.

  • cindy, i just recently purchased this book. have not had a chance to read it yet, but i know i’ll love it.

  • If one were blind one not see one who’s plain nor one who’s fancy.
    Thank you for pulling back the layersof what doesn’t matter to expose what does. I am woo’ed to reading Plain Wisdom and captivated that it is non-fiction. You are blessed!

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