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  • Wow thats what i have to say about the book when i got the book as a gift from a good friend i was coming out of a unfaithfull relationship and didnt believe ill ever get through what my x did to me but now i know that the LORD was preparing me for something GREAT to come WOW.After 8 months i had the book i still cry when i read it ive shared it with most of ma family members.

  • Wow,I already read Redeeming Love four times and every time I cried from the beginning to the end. I know all women are likely to read a novel like this, but I wish all the men in this world can read this book. I inspired my husband and my two sons to read it. God’s love and forgiveness is reflected in this book.

  • I love this book and have read it many times Kids these days don’t like to read and I would Like to see this come to life on the Big screen

  • I still can’t put words to how I feel about this book.There’s just something about it that gets me soft.Even the hardest of hearts will be melted by this wonderful book of love UNTHINKABLE! A book where purity met with filth and rubbed off on it to make it pure and virtuous! This is a MUST read!

  • In reading this book, I realized first of all that our God is a very forgiving God. I didn’t believe I had a right to pray or ask God for anything because of my sins. But then I realized that anyone can be fogiven and change their lives. After I read Redeeming Love I prayed and asked God to forgive me. It made it easier to pray everyday, I then found myself praying constantly 🙂 And it felt wonderful.
    I was in a very unhappy marriage and I Realized that with God on my side I didn’t have to be. It made me understand that now matter what your past haunts you with, you deserve to treated with respect and love. I left my husband of 16 years and I now know what the meaning of true love is. God has blessed me with two little boys that I know I would not have if I had stayed in my marriage. His plan for me was so much bigger than I had for myself. My older 3 children are in love with their baby brothers and they tell me that God works in mysterioius way. My children and I went thru some very rough times, But the blessings God has givin us in return was worth every tear. We now cry tears of joy in the glory of God!

  • One of the best books I’ve ever read, and one of the very few I’ve read more than 3 times, and among the novels, it rates number one. It was given by a friend, and I thought it was one of many, but it stood out. I’ve shared it with many of my friends, whom have been blessed, and I recommend it to all. I was wondering why is seems like only ladies were the ones to comment about it, but I personally think that it suits for both genders. Blessings!

  • This was the first christian novel I ever read about 10 years ago. From that time until now, I actually have lived this story. After the devastating news of my husband’s porn addiction and extra marital affairs, I remembered all the truths this book presented to me years earlier.After a year of counselling with a local Christian counselor, lots of prayer, and believing that God still REDEEMS relationships today, my husband and I have our marriage back. Celebrating 16 years this August and the birth of our first child last month is a testimony of the unfailing and redeeming love that our God offers everyone who will believe by faith that Love never fails!!!!! Thanks for the seeds of faith that this book placed in my heart years ago that have grown into a beautiful life I call MINE! Extremely grateful, Love Burnsed

  • What a love story! I cant get enough of this book. and maybe because it is my story. it is your story, too. Because no matter what we do, God always comes looking for us the way He did Adam & Eve when they sinned. He Loves us unconditionally… no matter what. He says in His Word .. and while you were yet sinners, He made us to sit with Him in heaven. and He comes looking for us to restore us to Hiimself, not to beat us over the head with condemnation. because He loves us.

  • this book was given to me by my spouse on my birthday about a year b4 we got married.i find it the most amazing piece i do read in recent times.Actually,i began reading it six months ago n am now @ the 22nd chapter of the book and am not eager to finish this book because its so indescribably interesting n mind -blowing how God has loved us.No man in my opinion,on earth can love any woman the way it was displayed in that book.its a master piece and a bestseller!

  • I have owned 5 copies of this book. Between loaning it out to people who have worn it out, or wearing it out myself, I’ve had to replace it that many times. I can truly say that it is the most life changing book I’ve ever read, outside of the Bible! I read it four times the first three days I owned it, it’s that good. So wonderful and powerful!

  • This is by far my favorite book of all time! I first read it my junior year of highschool and finished it in a day. My book is so worn from reading it over and over and it still makes me cry at the grace of God and Michaels love and patience. It’s a great reminder of God’s love and patience that no matter how many times we walk away He will always be there waiting for us with arms wide open to receive us back.

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