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Pull out the newest bill in the highest denomination you have. Look at it carefully. If it’s new, it looks crisp, doesn’t it?

Okay, now I want you to crumple up that bill into a little wad. Pound it with your fist if you like. I’ll wait…

Now unwad the bill and smooth it out. It doesn’t look so crisp anymore, does it? So do you still want it? Of course you do.

Next I want you to crumple the same bill up again, then stomp on it several times. If you do it on a dirty floor, that’s even better. I’ll wait again…

Did that feel good? Now smooth out the bill again. It’s starting to look a little tattered, isn’t it?

Do you still want it? Of course you do! Why is that? Because the condition of the bill doesn’t alter its value. That’s exactly the way God feels about you.

Nothing you can do will ever make you good enough for God to love you. He loves you because He made you and because His Son, Jesus, gave His life for you.

On the other hand, nothing you can do will ever make you bad enough for God to give up on you, no matter how tattered you look to outsiders.

Excerpted From Man Alive by Patrick Morley

Daily Reflection: When you’re feeling tattered, how can you remind yourself God still values you?

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