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Treasure vs. Stuff

“Time passes more simply in St. Cecilia, and we are surrounded by less stuff. There are fewer clothes in the closet and on the shelves and in the drawers. There are fewer pots and pans and dishes and such. Lord knows there are fewer tables.

Sometimes when I am on St. Cecilia, I think of all my stuff back in Tennessee and wonder how it is doing and whether or not it misses me.”

* * * * *
“I am afraid sometimes I do not really have my stuff but rather my stuff has me. “Your heart is where your treasure is,” or so I have heard it said, and I hate to think all my treasure is to be found on my tables and on my shelves.”

Excerpted from Home by Another Way: Notes from the Caribbean by Robert Benson

Daily Reflection: What “treasures” are you holding on to unnecessarily?

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