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Then Came Christ

“Before I met Christ, sin was fully in charge. It pulled my strings like an evil puppet master, causing me to dance like a helpless marionette. Enslaved to his dark choreography, I flopped here and there, going through the motions of life. On the outside I appeared as though I was in control, but in reality I was a powerless captive. A slave. Addicted to self-love, pain avoidance, and pleasure, I did sin’s bidding¬óbeating myself up for my failures and slapping myself on the back for my accomplishments. I was a one-person Punch and Judy show.

Then Jesus came. When I said yes to Him, the Puppet Master, He cut the soul-strings that tied my soul to sin and allowed me to truly live. I was no longer a wooden Pinocchio wishing and longing to be real. Christ breathed His breath of life into me and set me free to be all I was created to be.”

Excerpted from At the Feet of Jesus by Joanna Weaver

Daily Reflection: How can you offer up your life to Christ today?

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