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The War is Over

The resurrection is proof of Christ’s victory over sin and our hope of salvation.

The resurrection, however, is not a doctrine to be pondered but an invitation to experience the living Christ in your life. …For the resurrection is not just an event that occurred in the first century. It continues to impact lives to this day. In reality, not only was Christ resurrected— you too are raised to new life when you’re in Him. This is the gift of God to all who put their faith in His Son.

…Listen carefully: the battle is won! Don’t believe Satan’s lie that we have to do battle with him. Simply tell him, “You’ve already been defeated! And the same power that defeated you is the same power that now resides in my life.” Don’t get caught up in the fad of spiritual warfare that keeps you so busy fighting Satan that you have no time to follow Christ. The war’s over! This is the practical expression of the resurrection, and it’s available to you.

Excerpted from Experiencing the Resurrection by Henry Blackaby

Daily Reflection: How can confidence in Christ’s victory empower you in your daily struggles and temptations?

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