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The Ultimate Designer

In the silence I heard two sentences. The first was “Why don’t you let the church relax and be who I made her to be?” The second was “Why don’t you relax and be who I made you to be?” That was it. As fast as the moment had come, it was over.

I began to cry again. Other than the first moment when I knew I was forgiven and accepted by God, when I was seven years old, I had never heard more liberating words. How simple. How profound. How consistent with all that I knew about God and his love for me. If God had indeed
created me, then why didn’t I trust how God intended to use me? Doesn’t it make sense that with God, the Ultimate Designer, form and function would be totally aligned?

Excerpted fromThe Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn

Daily Reflection:

Have you realized this liberating truth for yourself?

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