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The Power of Faith

“So we face a very important question: Will we be like the frightened workmen who fled adversity to save their lives, or will we be courageous and relentless as we pursue heaven’s mandate?I believe within this message are truths that have the potential to forge within you a relentless stance. Not only will these truths strengthen you to stand strong, but they will equip you with the power to overcome and make a positive difference.

It’s essential that you be grounded in this knowledge. For far too long God’s people have gone into captivity and been destroyed for a lack of it (see Isaiah 5:13; Hosea 4:6). Correct knowledge weaves a foundation of faith, and by faith we effect change in a lost and dark world. You were created to make a difference in your world of influence. Together, let’s prayerfully accept the challenge as we discover the relentless power to never give up!”

Excerpted from Relentless by John Bevere

Daily Reflection:
The more we know, the closer we come to God. How can you use your knowledge and faith to support God in his works?

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