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The Most Important Question

What’s the first question you were asked when you graduated from high school? We’ll bet money it wasn’t, “So, who are you going to become?” Are you kidding? It was, “So, what are you going to do now?” Although it’s a fine question, performance immediately becomes the topic of conversation, reinforcing our behavior to please externally rather than be aware of our internal self. As a result of this mind-set, a lot of people in their twenties have no idea of their gifts and abilities, spiritual or otherwise. They might have a well-documented résumé but not be able to answer questions such as, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

While we may have an innate desire to know who we are, we may sense a

lack of true identity in a world consumed with titles, positions, and stereotypes…

Our twenties should not be as much about finding a job as about finding ourselves. Thus, the most important question to ask is not What do I do? but Who am I? This question can be difficult to answer because we may not know where to begin, but it is the key to understanding who God has made us and why—two important questions we need to answer in our twenties.

Excerpted from  TwentySomeone by Craig Dunham and Doug Serven

Daily Reflection:

Whether you’re in your twenties or have already left them far behind, can you answer “Who am I?”?

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