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The Great Winner

Step back for a moment. Way back, so that you’re no longer focusing just on your own life and the lives of those you touch. In the grand historical scheme of things—from the garden where Adam first set us men off on our course of struggle with masculinity, to the distant future long after we’ve fulfilled our legacy of being forgotten—God is working to bring His perfect plan to completion. And we know from the book of Revelation that Christ will be the conqueror on a white horse, heaven will come to earth, and all things will be made right…forever.

God is the great Winner, and so it is only appropriate that we live our lives to magnify His glory, as John Piper reminded us in the last chapter. And it only makes sense that we subject our own limited plans for ourselves to whatever plans God has for us. Because as we take our small yet important part in His grand plan, we become a part of the greatest victory of all and experience all the fulfillment that we could ask for. Therefore, we can give up our worries about whether we’re doing things right as men, and whether the  outcome will be what we want, because we can have confidence that the victory we are a part of is 100 percent assured.

Excerpted from The Real Win by Colt McCoy and Matt Carter

Daily Reflection: How can you remind yourself that we are all a part of the greatest victory of all when we follow God’s plan?

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