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The God of Change

In the everyday circumstances of life, the best choice so often seems to be the new thing—new career, new job, new wife, new car, new home, new city, new start. But our concept of newness goes about as deep as that new car smell—persuasive and delightful, but how long does it last? Invariably, when we want new, we play around with the outside while the inside stays the same.

Yet the outside isn’t the problem.

God doesn’t make all things new by changing the outside. He wants to remake the substance of our lives. When God summons a soul, it’s not a one-time event; He calls us to something new every day. We get all excited about self-improvement, but God doesn’t really seem to be in the improvement business. He prefers to get to the core of the problem. He is the God of change. So when God says, “Behold, I make all things new,” think about…You.

Excerpted from A Small Book About God by Roy Hicks Jr.

Daily Reflection:
What might God be seeking to change in your life?

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