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The Distraction Diet

A friend of mine had a baby recently. When I visited the couple’s home, I had to admire their elaborate nursery.

They really did it up right! Big Bird nested in the corner, Snuffleupagus perched on the cribside table, and an assortment of wobbling Weebles, Smurfs, and My Little Ponies encircled the interior of the crib. Not to mention five teddy bears. And a busy box gizmo with umpteen handles, knobs, and twirly things. And two musical mobiles. And who knows how many rattles. This baby was decked out. There was no way this kid was going to get bored or cranky, right?

Well, not exactly. True, the child will be able to amuse himself, what with so many gaudy toys and wild, wonderful distractions. He should find himself positively absorbed at times by the ministrations of the musical mobiles.

The thing is, amusement of that sort lasts for only so long. A child is easily quieted, so long as he isn’t hungry….

But watch out! Once that baby feels the cravings of nature within, absolutely nothing will satisfy but food!

So it is with our soul. Distractions and amusements may appease us for a while—church music, candles, processions, banners, committees, and Christian talk shows.

But all these, like gaudy toys, will occupy and entertain for only so long. Sooner or later boredom and frustration set in. Once a believer’s passion for God is awakened, all of those religious trappings and incidentals simply won’t satisfy. Like the writer said in Hebrews 5, you begin to want solid food.

Excerpted from 31 Days Toward Passionate Faith by Joni Eareckson Tada

Daily Reflection: Are you bored? Restless? How can you fill your hunger by passionately pursuing Jesus today?

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