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SNEAK PEEK: Stories from a Soldier’s Heart compiled by Alice Gray and Chuck Holton

For the Patriotic Soul

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To preserve our peace of mind and our way of life, the men and women of the United States military often sacrifice their youth-and sometimes even their lives. They steadfastly guard the futures of millions of people they will never meet. Now over seventy-five riveting stories-organized in six themed sections of patriotism, inspiration, faith on the frontlines, love and family, honor and sacrifice, and dedication and courage-bring to life these heroes and the loved ones they have fought for. Stories from a Soldier’s Heart honors those who carry in their warrior hearts the world’s hope for freedom.

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Read the first chapter of The Late Great United States.

Will God Always Bless America–Even During End Times?

With headlines screaming war, disease, economic disaster, hunger, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks, is America soon to undergo a catastrophic conclusion?  And what role, if any, will the United States play in history’s final act? A compelling and often surprising review of what Bible prophecies say about the end times.