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NEWS: Foursquare Church Reviews “The Necessity of An Enemy”

“Carpenter challenges the traditional perspective that circumstances, people, sin or character flaws get in the way of God’s plan. Instead, he suggests that those very enemies are ‘an announcement that the next stage of your future is about to be born,'” states Foursquare Church in its review of The Necessity of An Enemy by Ron Carpenter. Click here to read more.

SNEAK PEEK: Torn by Jud Wilhite

  • Maybe the question for dark times is not “Why?” Maybe the most productive question to ask is “Who?”

Click here to download chapter one of Torn.

Healing from pain is not about knowing more. It’s not about having better arguments about suffering. It’s about your relationship with God—a relationship that can grow stronger even when every why question goes unanswered.

Click here to download chapter one of Torn.