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SNEAK PEEK: Girls With Swords by Lisa Bevere

If there ever was a time for women to be armed, it’s now.

Click here to download chapter one of Girls With Swords.

Yet the Word of God is a sword we often are more comfortable studying than wielding. It’s time we give girls swords and watch them connect heaven to earth. Worldwide, women are the targets of prejudice, sex trafficking, abuse, and even gendercide. Lisa Bevere writes that these attacks say more about who women might be in the future than who they have been in the past. In Girls with Swords she explains a spiritual enemy is seeking to disarm women on every level. It’s time women become the heroes God created them to [ … ]

SNEAK PEEK: Extraordinary by John Bevere

Isn’t it time to pursue your extraordinary life?

Click here to download chapter one of Extraordinary.

Best-selling author John Bevere reveals how all of us were “meant for more,” extraordinarily created and intended for a life that is anything but ordinary. Here is the roadmap for your journey of transformation. You are marked for a life that far surpasses the usual definitions of success or fulfillment.

Click here to download chapter one of Extraordinary.