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NEWS: Is Your Family Over Digitized? Al Mohler’s Culture Shift excerpted on recently excerpted a chapter from Culture Shift by Al Mohler that explores the effect of the over-stimulation of the digital age on families.  Mohler is the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and writes a popular blog on theological and cultural issues at

In Culture Shift, Dr. Mohler confronts the argument that religiously-movitated discussions of morality have no place in the public sphere and then goes on to respond from an evangelical worldview to several hot-button issues.

You can read the excerpt, “Digitally Deluged,” here.


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When faith is reduced to politics, where does Jesus fit in?

Raised as a conservative but uncomfortable with the politicization of her faith, author Alisa Harris seeks a way out of the culture wars and discovers that the term “Christian” is not synonymous with a single political party or cultural issue.