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SNEAK PEEK: ONE MONTH TO LIVE by Kerry and Chris Shook

Read the first chapter of One Month to Live, 10th Anniversary Edition.


Are you suffering from “someday” syndrome—always waiting for someday when your schedule calms down, your finances improve, or your kids grow up so you can begin to live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

What if you learned you had just one month to live? Without a doubt, you’d stop living on autopilot and determine to make the most of every moment.

You don’t have any time to waste.

Why wait to answer the longings of your heart? In One Month to Live, Kerry and Chris Shook show you how to stop waiting for “someday” and start now to make each day really matter. With contagious enthusiasm and practical insights, you’ll learn how to apply the four universal principles of a no-regrets life:


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Put Love First to Make it Last!

Is your church taking on the Love at Last Sight Challenge?C Be sure to download all the free resources, sermon outlines, children’s series, and supporting materials to make your church-wide or small-group campaign even stronger! Click here to access these free items now. You can also visit to see testimonials, more information about the challenge, and more.

SNEAK PEEK: Love at Last Sight

You might be thinking, don’t they mean “love at first sight?” Nope, we mean love at last sight. Why? Because nearly everything pop-culture teaches us about relationships is wrong.

Click here to read chapter one of Love at Last Sight!

The movies and TV make it look easy. Matchmaking websites have it down to a science. Two people connect—love at first sight—and the relationship is magical from then on. But the truth is, strong, deep relationships that last a lifetime aren’t magic. They’re  a journey. Kerry & Chris Shook guide you through a one-month relationship plan that will improve your most important relationships – whether your family, best friend, spouse, or neighbor- starting today!

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