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NEWS: Chantel Hobbs Answers Your Health and Fitness Questions

Chantel Hobbs, author of Love Food and Live Well, The One-Day Way and Never Say Diet will be interviewed on Your Family Live, a webcast of Focus on the Family, on Wednesday, March 9 from 2-3 PM Eastern Time.  Chantel, a busy mom of four, lost 200 lbs and kept it off and is now an author and speaker on health and wellness issues.

LISTEN LIVE AND BRING YOUR QUESTIONS:  On Wednesday, March 9 from 2-3 PM Eastern, visit to tune in to the webcast (or click here to go directly to the video feed).  During the live webcast, call 888-465-6595 with your questions for Chantel and the two other guests: author Sharon Hersh and signer/songwriter Mandisa.