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SNEAK PEEK: Life with a Capital L by Matt Heard

What is it that you long for? Dream about?  Hunger after?

Click here to download chapter one of Life with a Capital L.

We all desire more than just the endurance of our daily routines. But often we feel limited and stuck — like we’re merely existing instead of living.
That’s not the way it was meant to be. God intends the humanity in each of us to be deeply experienced, lavishly enjoyed, and exuberantly celebrated. In fact this is what the gospel is all about.

Click here to download chapter one of Life with a Capital L.


SNEAK PEEK: I Am Not But I Know I Am (Trade Paperback) by Louie Giglio

God is looking for ordinary people to play significant roles in His story.

Click here to download chapter one of I Am Not But I Know I Am trade paperback edition. 

Our God is more expansive and powerful than we could ever imagine, the all-mighty creator of galaxies beyond our reach. But He is also the loving creator who has formed and fashioned you.  Yet, as valuable as you are to Him, God’s best for your life is to invite you into a story that is all about Him.

Now updated with all new content to encourage you in your quest to live for what matters most.

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SNEAK PEEK: Christmas in Apple Ridge by Cindy Woodsmall

Christmas in Apple Ridge three-in-one collection

Click here to download chapter one of Christmas in Apple Ridge.

Experience the warmth and peace of a Plain Christmas! The Sound of Sleigh Bells reminds Beth of her deceased fiance. Will she ever love again? In The Christmas Singing, Gideon betrays Mattie. Will discovering his reasons cause her more heartbreak? And will The Dawn of Christmas bring happiness to two estranged friends and an expectant couple? 576 pages, softcover from Waterbrook.

Click here to download chapter one of Christmas in Apple Ridge.

SNEAK PEEK: Let Your Life Count by Donna Patrow

Describing herself as “living proof” that God can use absolutely anybody, Donna reveals the transforming truths and fresh perspectives that will allow God’s power to flow through your life naturally, defeating the attitudes that hold you back. God’s ability to work through your life is limited not by your flaws or your jam-packed schedule, she says, but by your willingness to be used.

Packed with powerful storytelling and insightful Bible teaching, Let Your Life Count will open your eyes and your heart to the countless ways God can use you–just as you are and right where you are–to answer someone’s prayers.

Click here to download the first chapter of Let Your Life Count now.

SNEAK PEEK: Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn

As politicians, citizens, and families continue the raging national debate on whether it’s proper to end human life in the womb, resources like Randy Alcorn’s Pro-life Answers to Pro-choice Arguments have proven invaluable. With over 75,000 copies in print, this revised and updated guide offers timely information and inspiration from a “sanctity of life” perspective. Real answers to real questions about abortion appear in logical and concise form.

Click here to download the first chapter of Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Argument now.

SNEAK PEEK: The Christmas Singing by Cindy Woodsmall

After Gideon coldly broke her heart, can the warmth of the season revive Mattie’s hopes?

Click here to download chapter one of The Christmas Singing.

Mattie thought her childhood sweetheart Gideon adored her until his actions proved otherwise. Three years have passed and Mattie wonders – can the beauty of this Christmas restore her faith?

Click here to download chapter one of The Christmas Singing.

NEWS: Kristen Anderson on BBC’s “Outlook”

Kristen Anderson, author of Life, In Spite of Me (Multnomah Books, 2010) was featured on BBC’s “Outlook,” a 40-million listener worldwide radio broadcast that features extraordinary personal stories. Kristen told part of the story from her book of how she survived a suicide attempt at the age of 17 and the way God brought her out of her depression and gave her a life of hope and fullness, even living with a handicap.  Now, many years later, Kristen shares the hope she experienced with others.

Kristen was featured on the Friday, March 18th, 2011 episode. Listen online here.