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NEWS: Neurologist & Professor at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Reviews “God of All Creation”

Dr. Dawn A. Marcus, M.D., board-certified neurologist and professor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, reviews God of All Creation on her website Fit As Fido.

Dr. Marcus states, “If you’re looking for a daily devotional to combine your love of life, God, and your favorite animals, this is it.”

To read her review, click here


Read the first chapter of Relentless.

You were never meant to “just get by” as a Christian…

More than a strategy for survival, Relentless offers you a new spiritual mindset. Its biblically grounded truths free you to embrace even the most difficult circumstances. After all, you were never meant to “just get by” as a Christian. You were meant to rule over circumstances, rest in God’s love, and thrive in the light of God’s grace. Join the relentless experience today!

SNEAK PEEK: Living in Love by James Robison

Live in Love for a Lifetime

Click here to download chapter one of Living in Love.

LIFE Today co-hosts James and Betty Robison reveal the secrets of their almost 50 years of living in love. By sharing their personal insights and biblical wisdom, the Robisons teach couples how to be more in love now than they were when their relationship first started.

Click here to download chapter one of Living in Love.