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NEWS: “God Distorted” Author Guest on TBN’s “Praise the Lord” Tonight!

Join author John Biship tonight LIVE on TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network‘s “Praise the Lord” as he discusses his new book “God Distorted”!

Discover how regardless of the type of father you grew up with—or without—it is likely that your view of God is influenced by the relationship you had with your father.

Author John Bishop wants to help you discover that God is not just like your dad. Instead, God is the Father revealed in Scripture, where the truth is clear. God is a father who is:
•  always there
•  up close and personal
•  fully pleased
•  in complete control
•  completely safe

To find out more about God the Father, check your local listings for TBN’s “Praise the Lord” broadcast times tonight in your area!


SNEAK PEEK: God Distorted by John Bishop

God is not a bigger version of your earthly father.

Click here to download chapter one of God Distorted.

When you hear the word “father,” do you think of someone who is loving…or angry? Someone who is pleased with you…or constantly disappointed? Someone who is always available…or someone who is too busy, preoccupied, or distant? When you think of “Father God,” what images come to mind?

Click here to download chapter one of God Distorted.