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On the 12th Day of Christmas…Classic Books, Timeless Wisdom

We all know them.

They’re the ones with a degree in English literature, theology, or philosophy. (Maybe even all three!) They pin quotes from great thinkers, writers and artists on their Pinterest boards. These people say things like, “As the great apologists say…”, and they head straight to the musty, dusty bookshelves in every antique store.

These are the Classics-lovers.

If you gift wrap a gorgeous, leather-bound tome with fragile pages full of long-standing wisdom, these people will talk about your excellent gift giving skills all year long. But let’s face it–the books that aren’t leather-bound are pretty great, too.

On this 12th Day of Christmas, I wanted to share a few of my favorite classic authors and books with you. These books are bursting with soul-nourishing, timeless wisdom, but manage to be as accessible and enjoyable a read as [ … ]