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NEWS: Tips for Writers from Susan Meissner on Novel Rocket

Get writing tips from “great word artist” Susan Meissner, author of the contemporary/historical novel A Sound Among the Trees, by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Ane Mulligan, editor of Novel Rocket, a website that helps up and coming authors promote their books and hone their craft, says: “Masterfully drawn by great word artist Susan Meissner, A Sound Among the Trees is an intriguing and complex story, delving into relationships and traditions… Novel Journey and I give A Sound Among the Trees a high recommendation.”  Read the rest of Ane’s review here.

Read Susan’s article on Novel Rocket and learn how to “Make Your Setting A Character”

NEWS: Serita Jakes featured on The 700 Club, Huffington Post & Novel Rocket

Serita Jakes and her novel The Crossing have been featured recently on The 700 Club, an original author article in the Huffington Post and a Q&A with Novel Rocket. Click here to view The 700 Club “In the Green Room” segment; here to read the Huffington Post article; and here to read her Q& A with Novel Rocket.

SNEAK PEEK: Not This Time by Vicki Hinze

A blood-soaked mattress. A terrorist attack. Who among them is the traitor?

Click here to download the first chapter of Not This Time now.

When someone threatens the safety of Seagrove Village, Beth doesn’t know who to trust. Is there a terrorist among her closest friends? Will the mystery be resolved and the truth revealed before it is too late?