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SNEAK PEEK: The Real Win (Trade Paperback) by Colt McCoy & Matt Carter

Prepare for a paradigm-shifting view of biblical manhood.

Click here to download chapter one of The Real Win.

Every man wants to succeed. But for so many, life seems to get in the way. We all have friends—good men, followers of Christ even—who start out well but before long, they’re failing at relationships, bending ethical standards, or driving themselves so hard at work they’re losing the hearts of their wife and kids.

Click here to download chapter one of The Real Win.


NEWS: Cynthia Tobias interviews with “Focus on the Family”

Cynthia Tobias, author of You Can’t Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded) shares with Focus on the Family additional insights on the strong-willed child, especially as related to single parenting, blended families, and grandparenting, as well as how to navigate parenting the strong-willed child during the teen years.  Click here for “Today’s Broadcast.”

SNEAK PEEK: Growing a Spiritually Strong Family by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Where is Your Family Headed?.

Click here to download the first chapter of Growing a Spiritually Strong Family now.

Does God have plans for your family beyond accumulating stuff in a large house in a nice suburb? How can moms and dads establish a home where God’s presence blesses each relationship and biblical principles shape the future? Brief chapters written by popular radio personalities Dennis and Barbara Rainey—such as “Pray with Your Mate,” “Train Your Disciples,” “Sink Your Roots,” and “Give Your Children You”—set out a clear, workable master plan for a dynamic, God-pleasing family. This and future titles in the series will deliver down-to-earth advice, encouraging stories, timely insights, and life-changing truths for leaving a godly family legacy.

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