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The First Wave of Summer Reading!

Can’t you just feel the beach/vacation reading coming on? We’ve got a little bit of everything, written by some pretty fantastic authors, if we do say so ourselves. 🙂

Not sure what to get? Not to worry–check out the first chapter excerpt to help you decide. And don’t forget that you can also order them as eBooks for your eReader and schlep them along with you on vacation! Now, isn’t that handy?

What others are saying:“Heitzmann does a great job of weaving the back stories and too-present realities of each character into a unified tapestry of regret, hope, and redemption.”


SNEAK PEEK: Praying for Your Future Husband by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer

Longing for the love of a lifetime? Discover what happens when single women pray boldly for their future husbands.

 Click here to download chapter one of Praying for Your Future Husband.

From when we were small girls, most of us dream of “The One,” our future husband. We think about what it would be like to be a bride. We wonder who that special guy is and when we’ll find him. The great news is that what you do now can make a difference in your life and the life of your future husband!

Click here to download chapter one of Praying for Your Future Husband.


Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen cross paths on their way to summer vacations that reveal what a gift it is to have a true Forever Friend.

Read the first chapter of Departures.

This special collection contains two rare novellas from the summer before Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen met. Rediscover the stories that led Christy and Sierra to discover the gift of true friendship.