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SNEAK PEEK: Completely Loved by Shannon Ethridge

In each brief reading, best-selling author Shannon Ethridge leads you to consider Old Testament stories in a new light to learn how God interacts with His people and what that reveals about His character. Most important, as you discover more about God’s true nature, you’ll begin to recognize the ways He daily touches your life and draws you closer into His loving embrace.

Click here to download the first chapter of Completely Loved now.

SNEAK PEEK: At the Heart of Every Great Father by Clark Cothern

Clark Cothern shows dads how to be truly great fathers-no matter how old their kids are-by allowing the Father to cultivate His character in them. Powerful, straight-talking stories in each chapter are guaranteed to grab men’s attention, entertain them, and inspire them to be better dads by actually showing-not just describing-great fathering in action.

Click here to download the first chapter of At the Heart of Every Great Father now.