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SNEAK PEEK: What Once We Loved by Jane Kirkpatrick

A circle of courageous women discovers the meaning of independence, forgiveness, and love.

Click here to download the first chapter of What Once We Loved now.

Ruth Martin had a dream: to become an independent woman and build a life in southern Oregon for herself and her children. But when her friend Mazy’s inaction results in a tragedy that shatters Ruth’s dream, Ruth must start anew and try to heal her tender wounds.

Her friends are also moving on. Mazy wrestles with her understanding of what faith and family really mean; Tipton discovers that marriage requires more than she’s ready to give; and Suzanne’s challenge is to keep seeing with new eyes. Together, the turn around women travel to arenas of [ … ]

SNEAK PEEK: A Name of Her Own by Jane Kirkpatrick

Marie  fights for her family’s very survival with the courage and gritty determination that can only be fueled by a mother’s love.

Click here to download the first chapter of A Name of Her Own  now.

Based on the life of Marie Dorion, the first mother to cross the Rocky Mountains and remain in the Northwest, A Name of Her Own is the fictionalized adventure account of a real woman’s fight to settle in a new landscape, survive in a nation at war, protect her sons and raise them well and, despite an abusive, alcoholic husband, keep her marriage together.

SNEAK PEEK: NO EYE CAN SEE by Jane Kirkpatrick

Facing challenges and loss, a community of extraordinary women fight to overcome the pain of the past – and embrace the future.

Read the first chapter of No Eye Can See.

When blind and widowed Suzanne Cullver reaches California with a group of women who have survived tragedy on the Oregon Trail, she sets her mind on doing for herself all that must be done. Though she cannot see, she rejects offers of assistance, unwittingly risking her children’s safety – and her own.

Her companions blindly falter as well, held hostage by their own pasts. As Suzanne attempts to control her life in Shasta City, Ruth defends against past errors, failing to see how she limits love. Meanwhile, Mazy’s vision seems [ … ]

DOWNLOAD: Where Lilacs Still Bloom Devotionals

Jane Kirkpatrick is known for looking at fiction through the lens of strong women in our country’s history. The same is true for her latest book, WHERE LILACS STILL BLOOM, where she shares the life of Hulda Klager.

Hulga Klager’s life-long passion for beauty and knowledge becomes the story of how the generosity of sharing one’s gifts transforms the lives of family, a community, and far beyond.

From Where Lilacs Still Bloom:

“Beauty matters… it does. God gave us flowers for a reason. Flowers remind us to put away fear, to stop our rushing and running and worrying about this and that, and for a moment, have a piece of paradise right here on earth.”

Drawing on the themes of generosity, sorrow, kindness, and perseverance found in the life of this remarkable woman, Jane Kirkpatrick brings us devotional thoughts:

[ … ]

AWARD: A Flickering Light by Jane Kirkpatrick

Congratulations to Jane Kirkpatrick, winner of the WILLA Literary Award for A Flickering Light!

The 2010 WILLA Literary Award represents the best of 2009 published literature for women’s stories set in the American West. Women Writing the West is the underwriter and annual presenter of this nationally recognized award.

Chosen by professional librarians, historians, and university affiliated educators, the winning authors and their books will be honored at Rancho de los Caballeros, Wickenburg, AZ, October 15-17, 2010.

Read the first chapter of this award-winning book.

SNEAK PEEK: An Absence So Great, A Novel

Download and read the first chapter of An Absence So Great here!

At the turn of the century, eighteen-year-old Jessie Ann Gaebele has moved to Milwaukee in search of a fresh start. Though inspired by a new opportunity to operate photography studios for those who have fallen ill to mercury poisoning, a piece of her past she’s trying hard to forget makes its way into the foreground of her life.

An Absence [ … ]