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SNEAK PEEK: God Moments by Alan D. Wright

In a society that often focuses on its negative experiences, Alan Wright offers a refreshing new perspective: the positive experiences we have daily are proof of God’s active involvement in our lives. Alan encourages Christians needing hope to “remember God” — to rediscover forgotten joyous memories and understand that yesterday’s hidden treasures are tomorrow’s spiritual riches. In an inspirational style perfect for devotions, the author skillfully leads readers to uncover the unshakable and uplifting evidence of their own God Moments.

Click here to download the first chapter of God Moments now.

SNEAK PEEK: A Childlike Heart by Alan D. Wright


Ignite your spirit of adventure and wide-eyed joy in the Lord!

Click here to download chapter one of A Childlike Heart.

To all of us too-serious, on-the-edge, busy-and-preoccupied adults, Alan Wright offers a reminder of Jesus’ words regarding the heart of the child: “Of such is the kingdom of God.” 

Click here to download chapter one of A Childlike Heart.