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SNEAK PEEK: Emma of Aurora by Jane Kirkpatrick

This Christmas, experience learning to trust alongside the Plain folk of Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania in this heart-warming tale of second chances. – See more at:
Gideon O’Riley has been given another chance at a life with Lonnie. But will the fight for her heart risk it all over again? – See more at:

The Change and Cherish trilogy, based on the true story of Emma Wagner Giesy, now available in one volume.

Click here to download chapter one of Emma of Aurora.

A Clearing in the Wild
When Emma’s outspoken ways and growing [ … ]


When an unlikely book by famous horticulturalist Luther Burbank motivates turn-of-the-century housewife Hulda Klager to become a self-taught plant cultivator, she humbly seeks to share beauty through her creations.  But growing flowers in a time of practicality isn’t easy, and overcoming the skeptics, seasonal floods, and a series of family tragedies challenges every part of Hulda’s determination. She ultimately creates over 200 new varieties of lilacs by passionately pursuing the dream that God gave her—and by living a life of generosity and hope despite many trials.

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