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Summer reading at its best

Whether you’re looking for a way to escape the heat of summer or the frenzy of your summer activities, we’ve got a book for you! Ranging from suspenseful intrigue, to fun and frothy romance, to young adult titles full of fantastical adventure. Want to try something new? Each entry has comparative authors and titles to help you figure out which book is right for you. Still not sure? Read our sample chapters to help you decide. Happy reading!

What others are saying about Sigmund Brouwer:
“Speculative Christian fiction is rare, and Brouwer does it with
the skills of an episodic storyteller that make a reader wonder when the
movie is coming out.”
Publishers Weekly

You might like Sigmund Brouwer if you liked: Adam by Ted Dekker
and This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti.

What others are saying about Breath of Angel:
“This lusciously written fantasy has it all: epic battles, earthbound
angels, immortal humans, and a bright, engaging heroine. Henley’s
young priestess turned- warrior is forced to put her past together like
a jigsaw puzzle with pieces so sharp they cut. Her story is nearly impossible
to forget, so readers will be eager for more!”
Louise Hawes, author of Black Pearls: a Faerie
Strand, AAUW
Juvenile Literature Award nominee

You might like Karyn Henley if you liked: Waterfall by Lisa
T. Bergren and The Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock.

What others are saying about The Dragons of Chiril:
“Donita K. Paul never fails to satisfy the imagination and delight
the soul. In this book, she takes us beyond the boundaries of her beloved
DragonKeeper chronicles and opens up vast new realms of wonder. The adventure
of Tipper, the sculptor’s daughter, will strike a responsive chord
in the heart of every reader who has ever faced a seemingly impossible
challenge.This is fantasy that truly illuminates reality!” —Jim
, author of the Timebenders series

You might like Donita K. Paul if you liked: Raising Dragons
by Bryan Davis and By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson.

What others are saying about Kathleen Y’Barbo: “Kathleen
Y’Barbo has written a high-spirited novel about the kind of woman
we’d all like to be: spunky, creative, witty—and a good shot.”
Diann Mills, author of A Woman Called Sage

You might like Kathleen Y’Barbo if you liked: Deep in the Heart of
by Deeanne Gist, Whirlwind by Cathy Marie Hake,
and Walker’s Wedding Day by Lori Copeland.

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