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Soaking Prayer

Is your mind always whirling with thoughts? Not sure how to be still and lean against His chest? Try soaking! First, set aside a chunk of time. Find a comfortable, peaceful environment, preferably where you can lie down. Pull on your boots and crunch around in the autumn leaves. Crawl under your covers and get cozy. Or perhaps take a literal soak in a bubble bath! Once you’re nice and comfy, hit up your iTunes worship playlist or create one on Pandora and simply let His words wash over you. You might feel something, you might feel nothing. You might smile, you might cry, you might even fall asleep!

Regardless of what happens on the outside, the Spirit will be at work on your heart. There’s no wrong way to soak. Just enjoy being with Him!

Excerpted from Get Lost by Dannah Gresh

Daily Reflection: How can you set aside some time today to soak in the Spirit?

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