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SNEAK PEEK: Kanae Vujicic Talks About “The Spark”

Kanae Vujicic on the First Time She Saw Nick and Feeling “The Spark.”

Click here to download an excerpt from Love Without Limits. 

“There was definitely a spark and a strong attraction from the first moments I locked eyes with Nick… Nick tells everyone that when he was speaking that day back in 2010, he looked out into the crowd, locked eyes with me, and had to force himself to look away.”

Kanae had experienced relationships based on superficial attraction, but she longed to find a mate with strong character and faith—a man who would be a godly husband and father. When Nick and Kanae met in the most amazing way, they realized that God—the ultimate Matchmaker– had used even their discouraging and painful experiences to prepare them for each other…for the love of their life.


  • I want to sincerely tank the God almighty for wat He is. He does His things how it pleases him. For endowing the vujicic’s especially their wealth of knowledge bringing hope to the hopeless. May God continue to enrich u in His goodness and give you peace.

  • the first time I saw and heard Nick was when he was the guest speaker in the church where we are attending, Kenedy Road Taberncle in Brampton Ontario. It was a Sunday, when he started talking I felt no pity but full of admiration and amazement how God used him in drawing people to Him leading them to CHRIST. The word of God said that nothing is impossible with God.

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