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God is revealing Himself… through your story!

Click here to download chapter one of To Be Told.

God is inviting you to coauthor your future and to know Him better by first understanding your past. As you come to know your own story, you’ll better understand the reason for the heartaches and joy, the brokenness and the bliss. If you’re ready for Divine revelation and guidance for the journey ahead, To Be Told is your next read!

Click here to download chapter one of To Be Told.


  • It would be helpful to include the Table of Contents with the downloaded chapter or include it with the blurb on the webpage. Even when I’ve read one sample chapter, I always check all the chapter titles before purchasing a book. I logged on to to see if the table of contents was available for this book, but it wasn’t. I usually buy no less than 8-10 books a month and read more than 15.

  • Hi Scott – thanks for the feedback! Almost all of our Sneak Peek’s do include the TOC. For some reason this one just got left off. I’m updating the file now to include the TOC.

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