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SNEAK PEEK: Things Unseen by Mark Buchanan


Blending pastoral warmth, philosophical depth, storytelling skill, and literary craft, Mark Buchanan encourages Christians to make heaven, literally, our “fixation” — filling our vision, gripping our heart, and anchoring our hope. Only then, says Buchanan, can we become truly fearless on this earth, free from the fear of losing our life, property, status, title, or comfort; free from the threat of tyrants, the power of armies, and the day of trouble. Buchanan reawakens the instinctive yearning for things above, showing that only the heavenly minded are of much earthly good.

Click here to download the first chapter of Things Unseen now.

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  • Your book Things Unseen is a definite re-read and keeper. I picked it up at our local library and intend to purchase my own copy in the future. Your text was down to earth and readable. Your explanation/interpretation of the Scriptural texts gave me new insights and understanding of passages I have read over and over, and perhaps have become too familiar with. Your words prompted lots of personal reflection. I was moved by your portraits. God bless, you, Pastor Buchanan, and your family and your ministry.

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