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SNEAK PEEK: The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris


To many people the Holy Spirit is mysterious, confounding—even controversial.

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In The God I Never Knew , the senior pastor of Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas, Robert Morris reveals a common-sense approach to the Holy Spirit. He explains that the Holy Spirit doesn’t need to be feared and isn’t a weird element of the trinity and that the Holy Spirit is a person who thinks, feels and has desires, and is present to help each person live the Christian life.  Perhaps its time for you to meet the God you’ve had misconceptions about, the one you’ve feared, or the one you have never know.

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  • This is excellent. Should be mandatory for all especially our youth and new believers of all ages. Older believers need to read it so that a lot of misconceptions could be erased.

  • The most significant book I have read regarding the Holy Spirit is the one by Billy Graham entitled “The Holy Spirit”? it changed my life I only wish I had found it before I was old,

  • It is amazing how you can hear and read something for years and then someone puts the words in a common understanding that works like a key unlocking the real spiritual understanding. I believe it is the time when God is pouring out His spirit on man and He is using men such as Pastor Robert as the keys.

  • I have red this book two times and starting the third time is there a teaching guide to this book I have a group that would like to be tought more about the Holy Spirit, if there is a teaching guide how can I obtain one. please email me

  • Hi Albert, We’re so glad you’ve enjoyed this book. There is a study guide in the back that can be used in a group setting, but there is not a separate teaching/leader’s guide. Thanks!

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