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SNEAK PEEK: PURPOSE by Jordan Lee Dooley

Read the first chapter of Purpose.

As founder of the SoulScripts shop, host of the SHE podcast, and widely recognized for her tagline, Your Brokenness is Welcome Here, Jordan Lee Dooley has become a go-to source that thousands of women around the world look to for daily inspiration. Now she is helping them—and you—discover how to live with purpose, regardless of your circumstances, shortcomings, or struggles.

Dynamically pairing her relatable voice with unique perspective and powerful motivation, Jordan equips
you to live an extraordinary story in the midst of ordinary life. By addressing the “toxic trio” (insecurities, expectations, and the pressure to prove), she shows you how to:
*  tackle the limitations the toxic trio creates (such as comparison, distraction, perfectionism, and more)
*  overcome the lie that you can only live your purpose if or when you achieve ____________
*  determine if what you’re really chasing after has anything to do with what you’re made for
*  identify and eliminate excuses, unmet expectations, and unnecessary pressure
Rooted in faith and jam-packed with tangible takeaways, Purpose will equip you to live as a woman who’s chosen to change today’s world–right where you are with what you have, even before you have it all figured out.

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