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SNEAK PEEK: One Glorious Ambition by Jane Kirkpatrick


One dedicated woman…giving voice to the suffering of many.

Click here to download chapter one of One Glorious Ambition.

Dorothea Dix wasn’t born into a charmed life, but she didn’t let it stop her from finding her God-given purpose. Inspired by Dorothea’s true story, One Glorious Ambition follows the life of a woman who fought for the rights of the mentally ill to give dignity and grace to these outcasts of society.

Click here to download chapter one of One Glorious Ambition.


  • The Daughters Walk, what a story! I couldn’t put it down and to think it was based in reality. I just love all of Jane Kirkpatrick’s books!
    She is my favorite author because her books are wholesome, interesting, exciting,imaginative and based in Christianity.
    God bless and keep her helping all of us through her writings.
    I’m saving all my books for my granddaughter.

    Patty in Paris TN,
    originally from CA, and I still am not sure why God put me here.

  • One Glorious Ambition reaches into our hearts, reminding us of a time when we were seeking to be understood, but were fairly sure it was never going to happen! Jane Kirkpatrick perfectly braids history with narrative to tell us of Dorothea Dix, the great 19th century champion of those “who lost their reason”, who were confined to jails and alms houses due to being “feeble-minded, idiots or lunatics”. This latest in Jane Kirkpatrick’s novels is now in my top five favorites of her collection. One Glorious Ambition constructs an understanding of the hard work of compassion and the nearly impossible work of trying to change suffering at that time. If you are asking yourself how you can ever start to speak up on the difficult issues in your life, read this painful, but encouraging story of Dorothea Dix – and get started.

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